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New Trolleys Nordmeccanica

New Trolleys by NordmeccanicaA new range of trolleys was introduced during the 40 years celebration of Nordmeccanica in December 2018. Nordmeccanica is a manufacturer of coating machines, laminators and metallizing equipment. In a laminating machine, the trolley...

Laminating Adhesives!

Cromogenia Forzal In Cromogenia, the professional can find a wide range of polyurethane-based adhesives. Both as solvent or water-based, intended for the transformation and converter industry, with the brand FORZAL. Through forzal, Cromogenia offers a complete range...

Attention for the ROTOmaX!!

ROTOmaX Because the ROTOmaX full automatic distillation unit from D.W. Renzmann has been received so successfully in the market and at the same time doing it's job so unnoticeably well year after year, we would like to bring this unit to your attention again. Where...

Fast Track

Fast Track, for short delivery times To meet the need for a fast delivery time, DCM developed the Fast Track. Important machines from our portfolio are produced in stock. As a result, the following machines are available for immediate delivery. Sleeve production -...

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