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Amut Comi thermoforming machines

AMUT COMI is part of the AMUT group. With its operating sites based in Italy, since 1958 AMUT is involved in the construction of lines to process plastic materials, reaching a leading position in the national and international scenario. AMUT is so well known and present worldwide.

AMUT-COMI was created by merging AMUT Thermoforming Division and COMI division for packaging thermoforming machines, combining both technological know-how in the thermoforming field for the packaging industry.

AMUT-COMI offers a wide range of in-line and off-line thermoforming plants, characterised by high speed, modular configuration and high strength and efficiency to thermoform different articles for several sectors in the packaging industry and more.

thermoforming machines AFC series

Machines suitable for the production of trays, plates, lids, containers, flowerpots in thermoplastic material, such as BOPS, PP, PLA, PET, APET, CPET, HIPS, EPS, PVC and barrier. High flexibility and advanced technology for small and large outputs, with cost-effective moulds. Available in the following configurations: AC Forming ACF-FF Forming and integrated cutting ACF Forming and cutting in two stations ACF-P Forming, punching and cutting in three stations.


in-mould forming  & trimming AMP series

Machines suitable for processing products in HIPS, PP, A-PET, R-PET, PLA and barrier material that requires very high quality and dimensional accuracy. GPPS with in-line thermoforming process. These machines are therefore entirely suitable to deliver containers and cups that are intended to be used in vending machines, filling and packaging lines. Also, the AMP series is equipped with tilting lower mould and user-friendly software to control each operation.


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